Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Benefits of Massage Therapy: Ways to Unwind

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After a long week of hard work and stress, who doesn't love the idea of a nice massage? Not only is relaxing, it also helps with blood circulation, helps with your nervous system, promotes cardiac health, and can even lift your mood. If your feeling depressed or if you feel a cold coming on, try a massage. I'm not saying don't seek medical attention; I'm saying use massage therapy along with it. Rubbing those tense, achy muscles releases lactic acid (toxins) built up in your body. Also, remember to drink plenty of water after a massage. The toxins need to be evacuated from your body; drinking lots of water will help your body get rid of them.

If you have a hard time falling and/or staying asleep at night, try a massage with lavender or cedarwood oils. People find both scents relaxing. I myself love the scents and seem to sleep better after rubbing some lavender oil on my feet. If you don't like the idea of a massage, then use an oil burner and burn the oils. People say it has the same effects as the massage would. If you have the opposite issue and can't seem to stay awake, try burning peppermint or lemon oils.

Do you love the idea of a massage but are on a budget? Make your own massage oils. I even have a DIY video posted below! It's quick and easy. Find your favorite carrier oil and essential oil and mix them together for a massage oil or perfume oil. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Come back soon to read more health and beauty tips and DIY recipes!  

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Christina Peck