Thursday, November 26, 2015

Major Corporations Say "Work Comes First"

Thanksgiving, a time to get together with loved ones and give thanks for our time together. I'm not saying we can't do this at any other time of the year, but most people have grown up, married and settled elsewhere to start a family and - or career that demands most of our attention.  And the holidays are time that some get a break to visit home again to reunite with loved ones and watch football. It seems that Thanksgiving is becoming just another day at the office though. Malls, department stores and other major corporations are opening their doors for people to abandon this tradition and spend time and money away from their family instead. I can't tell you the amount of people who are disgusted by this. Not only from the people who have to go in and work, but the families as well. Comments like "I'm not having a Thanksgiving this year, because my family has to work so I'll be alone this year."   Or "I guess my family is eating without me I have to work." These are just a couple statements I heard at work this passed week.  I know some people can work around it, but not everyone can.


I am not attacking relevant careers or causes at all. Fields like law enforcement, medicine, our military etc, we know you can't take the day off and we thank you for your services! Volunteers helping in, the community to feed the homeless, making sure that these people are being fed and given shelter is important. Small business-owners opening their doors to share a Thanksgiving meal for those who don't have family is heart warming, and usually done out of the kindness of their hearts. I'm  mainly disappointed in the major corporations that choose to open or stay open to make a buck. To encourage people who work so hard throughout the year to give up this one day set aside for family. I  know not everyone has family or can stand their family, but it doesn't make it any better.

Major corporations don't care about family and I know first hand. I was even given ultimatums over if I was going to choose my family or my job. If I chose my family then I wouldn't get a promotion and I needed to dedicate 100% of my life to this company. This meant working 10 hours on holiday even though I was promised I'd only have to work 5!  They even went as far as to say that my husband was holding me back with his disability and it was hurting my career. My husband was not holding me back, he had just has a hip replacement with extensive surgery and was on bed rest!

Once I realized I would ultimately have to sell my soul, hardly ever see my family, and give up my roll as mom, I felt lost. If it were not for the times I ended up in the hospital , I would probably still be there working today even. Not every  person who works in these major corporations are like that, but most are. The CEO's of these corporations get the time to spend with their families so why can't the rest of the employees?

Main point guys keeping the malls, departments stores and other chains open on the holidays is  just ridiculous! People nearly kill each other as it is on Black Friday over a stupid toy! Do we really want to start a day earlier? Thanksgiving is also one of the biggest bar nights of the year. So keeping these businesses open will cause more accidents with more people out on the roads! 

If you are choosing to go out this evening or tomorrow to do holiday shopping please be safe!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Christina Peck

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beauty Tips: Coconut Oil and Almond Oil Benefits

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Coconut oil, it  has so many health benefits. It helps reduce cravings for sugar and helps maintains metabolism among other benefits. Not only does it have health benefits, but it also has benefits for our skin and hair as well. Coconut Oil is moisturizing and also holds anti-aging properties. People who have used Coconut oil say it has helped reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It has also been known to protect the skin from harmful rays.  People also use Coconut oil in shampoo. The vitamin E  in coconut oil gives not only your skin a healthy glow but it can also give your hair a shine! I for one am excited to try coconut oil as a hair treatment! 

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Let's talk about Sweet Almond Oil too! It's moisturizing, and is great to use in beauty products!
It holds anti-inflammation properties and many people use it to soothe skin allergies. It can also be  used to treat MINOR wounds, chapped skin and with some raw honey it reduces dark circles! Spas choose to use sweet almond oil because it is less greasy and is known to balance  the PH levels in our skin. By balancing our skin's PH levels it allows the skin to have a natural healthy glow!  It is also used in natural sun block (or even on it's own) to protect our skin from sun rays and prevents it from wrinkling. It can reduce wrinkles by applying it to your skin. If you are interested in this beauty tip, here's some directions I found on      

  "Almond oil contains vitamins that help it delay the appearance of wrinkles. It is best to apply almond at night after taking a shower. You could choose to do this twice a week or alternate days depending on how soon you wish to see the end results." 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Benefits of Massage Therapy: Ways to Unwind

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After a long week of hard work and stress, who doesn't love the idea of a nice massage? Not only is relaxing, it also helps with blood circulation, helps with your nervous system, promotes cardiac health, and can even lift your mood. If your feeling depressed or if you feel a cold coming on, try a massage. I'm not saying don't seek medical attention; I'm saying use massage therapy along with it. Rubbing those tense, achy muscles releases lactic acid (toxins) built up in your body. Also, remember to drink plenty of water after a massage. The toxins need to be evacuated from your body; drinking lots of water will help your body get rid of them.

If you have a hard time falling and/or staying asleep at night, try a massage with lavender or cedarwood oils. People find both scents relaxing. I myself love the scents and seem to sleep better after rubbing some lavender oil on my feet. If you don't like the idea of a massage, then use an oil burner and burn the oils. People say it has the same effects as the massage would. If you have the opposite issue and can't seem to stay awake, try burning peppermint or lemon oils.

Do you love the idea of a massage but are on a budget? Make your own massage oils. I even have a DIY video posted below! It's quick and easy. Find your favorite carrier oil and essential oil and mix them together for a massage oil or perfume oil. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Come back soon to read more health and beauty tips and DIY recipes!  

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Christina Peck

Monday, November 9, 2015

Febreze Alternatives: DIY recipes

Scented candles, air fresheners, potpourri, incense; all the things that make our homes smell amazing! These are also things that have toxic chemicals if we breathe them in. Most candle wicks have lead in them and air fresheners have Diethly Phthalate or DEP. According to ToxipediaDEP is linked to hormonal changes and genital development in humans. I, like most people, love a fresh smelling home but I also want to make sure my family is safe from harmful chemicals. My dad passed away 3 1/2 years ago from cancer and that is when I really started thinking about my family's health. They didn't know what caused the cancer in the first place and diagnosed it as cancers from unknown origins! I started looking at ingredients in everything we ate, candles we burned, and everything I wanted to buy; ingredients I never really worried about before. Even though I studied in the medical field, I never thought twice about these toxins. 

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The good news is there is hope. Ladies (and gentlemen who enjoy the scents as well), we can still have a fresh smelling home with all the fruity, floral, and woody scents that we love! How, you ask? We make them! Yep, we can make them with some everyday household ingredients! Well, natural ingredients. Today I'm going to share a simple DIY recipe for Frebeze!

It only takes four simple ingredients and here they are!

32 Oz spray bottle
2 Cups of Distilled Water
1/2 - 1 Cup of Witch Hazel 
2 TBS of Baking Soda
5 drops of Essential Oils 
In a 32 Oz bottle, add 2 cups of distilled water and 1/2- 1 Cup of Witch Hazel. Take 2 TBS of baking soda and shake the bottle until the baking soda is almost or fully dissolved. Take your favorite essential oils and add them.  I use doTERRA Oils because a little goes a long way. I only needed to use 5 drops of Lavender vs. the 15-20 drops I would need to add from any other brand. I have other brands of essential oils that I use for many things but doTERRA is my favorite!
Lastly shake it all up and enjoy the fresh scents safely! 

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